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Need the latest in hybrid event technology and user Gamification? Come talk to the market leader.


Our awarded in-house development team focuses on creating mobile, metaverse and PC games & applications.


With our seven years of experience we assist clients around the world in creating the right strategy to enter the gaming market.


Our event portfolio caters to the gaming industry and beyond. We offer solutions for all audiences: B2C, B2B & B2C.

Since 2017 more than 180,000 engaged visitors and 1,900 exhibitors have been at our hybrid events

Our trusted partners

Messe Hamburg

Biggest shared developer booth in the world. More than 150 exhibitors and partners across 1,600 square meters at gamescom, Cologne. Winner of numerous awards including Best Booth at gamescom.

In close collaboration with the Hamburg exhibition center (Hamburg Messe und Congress) we organize the Polaris Convention, the first playable community convention with multiple, themed worlds to explore. It’s a modern B2C event with a huge influencer and brand line-up gathering fans of gaming, cosplay, Asian pop culture, art, tabletop, merch and more!

Hamburg Games Conference (HGC) is an exclusive B2B games industry event. It offers a diverse array of talks, panels and side events to enable networking and knowledge-transfer. We have been organizing the event for over 14 years and were excited to welcome over 500 B2B guests from 26 countries to our conference in 2023.

What makes our tech stand out?

Let's take a look at our features πŸš€

Thanks to our gamified approach, visitors stay longer and are more engaged than at regular online events. Players can level up, collect stickers and create their own individual characters and often stay in our online world for 2-4 hours.
Exhibitor Backend
The flexible backend system makes it incredibly easy to change the displayed content - even when the event is in full swing. Doesn't matter if it's NPC dialogues, trailers or linked websites.
Video Calls
Our video call system allows visitors to connect with friends and colleagues, meet new people and spontaneously set up meetings - without ever having to leave the platform.
Online Multiplayer
Up to 40.000 people can visit our online events at the same time - sounds like a party! πŸŽ‰
Social Mechanics
Ever wondered how fun it would be to carry out challenges during an event? In our online world, players can team up, conquer areas and collect points for their team.
Account System
We are able to integrate your existing account system into our platform or you can use the Super Crowd system, should you wish to determine specific user groups (such as exhibitor, visitor, VIP, ...). The choice is yours!
Custom worlds and NPCs are also available. Get in touch with us to find out what that could look like!

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    Wolf Lang


    Built for growth 🌱 Super Crowd

    Super Crowd has been revolutionizing events since its inception in 2018 resulting in multiple awards. We have a huge expertise in hybrid event development and even our own inhouse development team. More than 1,900 exhibitors have entrusted us with their brands and games and more than 180,000 visitors have been part of our digital and physical events. We like to take event experiences to the next level: by gamifying our events with the Super Crowd app which not only allows you to collect rewards, but also enables visitors to find our more about the event, make friends, and more. Come join a remote team of experienced colleagues that are excited to work with you! Check out our career site here.Β